Career in Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer Career

Electrical Engineer Career Electrical Engineer Career – In the recent times, Everything from housing to Industries requires Electricity to function, & it has become a must-have for every household to industry, This has given tremendous career prospect for a career in Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in …

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Career in Doctor

Doctor Career

Doctor Career Doctor Career has long been a dream career for any Indian students and more so, for their parents that their children be Doctors, wearing a white coat, with a stethoscope hanging from their proud necks, going about treating patients and gaining laurels and applauds from all nook and corner …

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Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing Career Do you often find yourself catching some unwelcome advertisements, pop up ads, web banner ads, mobile apps, informative blog posts, video campaigns abruptly while surfing the net ? These are all nothing but different forms of Digital Marketing Career . Digital Marketing is basically use of internet to …

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Career in Dietitian / Nutritionist

Dietitian Career

Dietitian Career / Nutritionist Career Dietitian Career is for someone who has an interest in knowing what we eat and how to use it for one’s health and fitness and the role it plays in one’s overall health. One should be interactive and should be outspoken and should have a yearning …

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Career in Dentist

Dentist Career

Dentist Career Dentistry is long been considered as a lucrative & reputable profession. Dentistry is the science which deals with all dental problems such those related to tooth, cavities, gums, etc in various Dentist Career. These days dentists have made their own special place in the healthcare & hospitality sector.  Dentist …

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Career in Dairy Scientist

Dairy Scientist

Dairy Scientist The Indian Dairy Scientist  Industry is broadly divided into Organized. Unorganized. With India being one of the largest producers of Dairy Scientist Milk in the world with a projected sale of 5 lakh crores worth of milk in 2015. We have 170 Milk producers co -operative unions and Milk accounts for 21% …

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Career in Curator

Curator Career

Curator Career Curator Career – If History has been one of your favorite subjects, if our country’s art, history and culture interests you and excites you, then a career as Curator/ Museologist is the one for you, also if you are extroverted and wish to work both indoors and outdoors.  A museologist …

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Career in Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Career

Criminal Lawyer Career Criminal Lawyer Career can defined as a summation of all the principles which governs the behavior of people in society and violation of those principles is seen liable for punishment in the eyes of the law. Criminal Lawyer Career is regulation of governmental actions such as imprisonment …

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Cost Accountant Career

Cost Accountant Career

Cost Accountant Career Cost Accountant Career Established by a parliamentary act in 1959, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (I C A I) ,formerly known as The Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (I C W A I), is the only specialized professional body in the field of …

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Career in Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyer Career

Corporate Lawyer Career Once upon a time, black robed men & women used to be only seen inside or around courthouses, the only place Lawyers used to be found. But with corporatisation, There is a need for corporate lawyers to deal with company’s legal matters in Corporate Lawyer Career. But …

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